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Oman Post Co. (S.A.O.G.)

Oman’s first post office was opened in Muscat in 1856 and this was followed in 1868 by another office in Gwadar, at the time a dependent territory of Oman. Indian stamps were used until 1947 when the postal service was transferred to Pakistani administration for a little over a year. In 1948 the British General Post Office took over and British stamps were then used until the 30th of April 1966 when the government of Oman assumed full responsibility for the administration and control of Oman’s postal service.

When His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said came to power the name of the country was changed from Muscat and Oman to the Sultanate of Oman and the first stamps to bear this name were issued in 1970. From a single Post Office in Muscat in 1970, The Oman Post Office expanded to 98 post offices, 347 postal agencies. 55,665 private post boxes and 508 letter posting boxes by the late 90’s. Now, with the advent of ePost the next great period of development in Oman Post begins as it offers the nation a service that is unmatched anywhere in the world.


ePost from Oman Post is a virtual post box service, available to Businesses and residents in the Sultanate of Oman. For an annual subscription, ePost addresses allows subscribers to receive regular printed mail thru any of the Oman Post offices where Virtual Post service is offered. If receiving mail thru a company mail box is convenient, the incoming mail can be forwarded to any of the 60000 plus post boxes across Oman Post’s 94 Post Offices. The added benefit of receiving SMS and ePost alerts for incoming regular printed mail will mean more control and accountability even when sharing a physical box.

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  • Receive Printed mail in Oman, without renting a physical post box! Register for an ePost ID at

    Registration is FREE and the ID is permanently reserved for you. Activate an annual subscription to enable the Real Mail Management Service (RMMS) for your ID.

    Choose to receive your mail by Virtual Box or FollowMe (Mail Forward Post). Its as simple as that!

  • VirtualBox

    Virtual Box is your personal PO Box linked to your ePost ID, irrespective of the availability of physical post boxes. If subscription expires, unlike physical post box IDs, you will never lose an ePost ID. It offers you the freedom to choose and change the post office from where you collect your mail at your convenience.

    Automated ePost alerts and SMS alerts informing you of incoming mail will save you unnecessary trips to the post office.

  • MailForward

    Use your ePost ID and receive mail through a shared mail box (Eg employer’s mail box) if you wish, but with the added benefit of ePost and SMS alerts for incoming mail. ePost portal allows you to easily switch your Mail Forward address from one address to another.

    When you change jobs, overnight your bank statements, utility bills, and letters will all arrive at your new employer’s address by you just resetting your Mail Forward instruction on ePost.


ePost ID issued with lifetime validity

Manage mail by forwarding to any Post Box or arrange pick-up at a post office *- Unrestricted choice of Post offices** or Post Boxes.

Receive SMS and ePost alerts when you receive printed mail

Print your own eStamps online.(to be released soon)

Track regular printed mail that you send

* With a annual RMMS subscription
** Only in Post Offices where RMMS is available

To talk to a customer support person, please call us on +(968)24769912

Time : 7.30 a.m to 2.30 p.m from Sunday to Thursday

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